Monday, June 9, 2008

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review of Amerindian Research

review in Amerindian RESEARCH , Issue 2 / 2008, p. 124f.

" This small volume provides an entertaining reading about the daily life of the Candoshi and Caquinte, small Indian groups in the Amazon region of Peru. The author travels as a missionary to Peru, where he spent nearly seven years.

In the book he describes in particular his first impressions, reflects his thoughts on the situations of today's Indians are this author chosen. Encounters described. Encounters, describing the clash of completely different cultures. But while the first missionary efforts in Peru, just after the conquest, were accompanied by violence, the current estimate Missionsierungsversuche are completely different. Today the missionary to the Indians no longer required. In contrast to them, the missionaries have now often the only way to read and write to learn. So they get the basics for a good education.

In the book it becomes clear that the author of the new situation is quite aware. Today's missionary work has lost its terrors, the Indians now offers help, not religious coercion. And reading it is clear that the missionary to his current role quite important
realize. He is like an ethnologist was able to deal extensively with the everyday life of contemporary Indians of the Amazon lowlands. He learned how these people live and think. And he has won understanding for their situation. A fact that is in today's time
quite important. For the natives in the Americas much need assistance in their integration into today's society. It comes as the Church
trust institution to a major role.
If it has become just a thin little book, the content is for anyone concerned with the address the current situation of Indian natives, very interesting. "MK

publication with permission from Dr. Mario Koch, Amerindian Research