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In an interview with Ursula Dittmer

I Ursula Dittmer as lovely and extremely talented writer met. Here you CV and a very interesting interview with the Dragon Author:

Ursula Dittmer
is married and lives in W├╝rzburg.
She studied social pedagogy has long been active years in social work before she made in 1987 independently. She has worked as a freelance training consultant, founded a company and a training institute, where they also offer storytelling and theater courses.
Writing stories and poems since she accompanied her school years. She wrote and directed two fairy-tale plays, which she brought as a shadow on the stage.

Fasanthiola The cycle is her first novel published for adults.

How did you start writing?

I already have written stories as a child and given to relatives at Christmas. I got my first royalty of 10 years for a Sommergedichtchen in the local paper. Later, at the high school, I worked actively in the school newspaper and also wrote stories here. In the wistful puberty stories and poems just poured out of me. I have hundreds of stories from this period commenced in a folder ... let's see, maybe in one or another idea of a day, a larger project.
My novel cycle "Fasanthiola" grew out of a gimmick with friends ... a wrote a beginning, saved him - at that time - on two floppy disks and it was the third member and me on. Emanated from an idea two different approaches ... the one I wrote 10 years and developed it. My ambition was to have completed the story completely, before I even could not think of a publication.

Fantasy Is your main genre, or you plan later books from other areas?

I think, who can write, which it is not difficult to be open in all directions. Although I've never tried, but I could write even a slushy novel home. If I need a idea, had a beginning, I could sit down and write it ... Seriously! I do not have any ambitions in that direction and in the moment enough, the fourth and the fifth to get Fasanthiola band on the series.
So I have to come in about two years to decide which direction I want to go. Conveniently, the readers decide. Right now I have the impression that German Fantasy author, without "big" name I have a hard time for me to argue with my books on the market. Now that I have ventured into the public, I would like to sell my works, of course. Especially since I've decided for Books on Demand, as a publisher to be able to market them.
It would be exciting for me to start a second try in another genre. I should really reach a wider audience, I would not mind to continue writing with the stamp on the forehead "that's the fantasy author. I search for years for a second epic ...

Are you reaching your characters from life or invent them?

Some of my characters resemble people I know or knew. But that was just completely in the beginning. Each of my character developed very quickly a life of its own against the can not write to me. They do not like someone is there already. So I put in a specific situation is not: What would have behave as XY, but I develop the actions or the thoughts of my characters so that it fits for him and his surroundings. A new story I begin like this: "Feri wandered a bit up the road along, and decided after an hour of travel time and the third crossing, which direction he wanted to keep "Then - later. or ten paragraphs I stop and start, this Feri, who is newly come into my life, to move. I often do at this time either, as he looks, nor has it been doing what on the road. This is clear only at the next letter by what or who met him. I can not and does not want me bothered with a story board. The final form then a figure in the revision. While writing, I quote the character but at an Excel spreadsheet. All that characterizes him, is recorded in the latter. This it will no discrepancies gibt.Es annoys me as a reader very much if an author works as unclean and a protagonist for the first blond and slim, but later is brunette with belly.

Why take your first books of all the fantasy figures "dragon" on?

As I mentioned above, the Fasanthiola cycle originated from a game I played with two friends. Someone brought the young dragons Herkon and as white Dragoness Rufath into play ... the first beings to whom Alexander met in Breskow Fasanthiola.
were probably the dragons of the reason why I liked this version of the two stories better than the other. I was not about dragons in general, but this kind of dragon. Thinking, intelligent beings with their own philosophy and way of life that are not there to serve people or helpful to stand aside. In Anne McCaffrey's "Dragonriders of Pern" series come from such as dragons. That gave me the time I had devoured these books very much.

Who is your favorite author?

It is not just one. I read almost exclusively self-fantasy. Fantasy writers tend to be prolific writers / inside. When new books by: Robin Hobb come out, Lynn Flewelling and RR Martin, I already scraping their hooves, until they are finally presented in the German translation ...

What's your favorite novel and why do you like it so good?

I replace "novel" with "cycle". Because in the fantasy I like "honeysuckle". Stand there with me two cycles side by side on the throne: "The Legend of the Farseer by Robin Hobb and" The Mystery of the great swords "by Tad Williams.

What was your biggest dream as far as your writing?

Since I have to think not, have success with my books!

If your novels were filmed, which actor would you choose?

I live for over 15 years with my characters. I have such clear pictures of them in the head ... I find it difficult to make a comparison with a living actor.

Is there a goal you with your want to achieve novels?

If I can get my readers already scraping their hooves when they hear that I'm working on a new project, I am satisfied. There are still not many, but they are there ... There is still a lot of hard work ahead of me.

How much time do you invest in your work?

currently very little. My last novel was published in November 2010 ... then am I usually really burned out. If my memory is full again, I will try to regain the old rhythm: every Sunday between three and five hours Monday and three hours. From September day, a target of 3 pages, Sunday 20th No matter how much time does that.

your Sylvia

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Peterborough Ontario Lesbians

Christmas Secret Santa

have the Casa-Knitters gewichtelt again. Beany has sent me a great package with a beautifully dyed wool hanging.

course I have been knitting the same:

And I could even knit something free and unpack: a super delicious vanilla-scented potpourri and chocolate. Let's see what's still everything to light.

Adjust Bomber Marzochi Fork Height

Fibre Club

A few days ago came the first broadcast of a 3-month subscription. The color is not right away but now my taste (I do not actually yellow), but let's see how spun coming out. When the fiber is a love Christmas card was there, which I found very nice.
The fiber is from a rather rare breed of sheep, the white-faced woodland sheep. I'm curious to see how the fiber can be spun.

Hiv Test Used At Meps

spin Books

I've even done two other spin Books:

Best Saying For Led Belt Buckle

Angora / Merino

Another strand is finished:
This is a light build angora / merino blend. Was nice to spin, but I think that I will no longer spin Angora. Since I have too many fibers floating around. What I concluded I want to make does not know for sure. Perhaps cuffs.

spider I am currently a pleasure without knowing beforehand what I want to make of it. But I have a few more ideas for which I then deliberately spinning the yarn will.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Market Sphere Unclaimed

lace yarn

My first lace yarn is ready:

This is blue Merino. 90 g / 990 m

From this I would like to someday make a shawl from the book Victorian Lace.

Rates Of Property In Khargharby Registrar


are finished in time, these gloves
And to match the scarf
Just missing the cap.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Second Chance Of Life Tattoos

new fibers have arrived

In recent days arrived some new staple fibers:


Merino / bamboo / Tussah
Blue Face Leicester
Merino / Angora
New Zealand lamb

Lexingtonfurniture Victorian Sampler

new yarn ready - bfl

Here is the photo of the first yarn I have spun with Mathilda. It is bfl I've even dyed.

What is it I do not know yet. A cloth, a scarf, socks, gloves - no idea.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Princess Themed Centerpieces Blog

Miss Potter - DVD

Miss Potter


London, early 20th Century. Beatrix Potter is still living in her parents' house. The passionate painter and writer has tried for a long time to publish their works, but beyond that they forget to live. You've never had a boyfriend, let alone that she had a marriage prospect. This changes, however, as the publisher Norman Warne is only for their books, then even interested in them. He seems to be the great love for Beatrix, but her aristocratic family by the Liaison unfortunately not befitting ...

Starring: Renee Zellweger
Ewan McGregor
Emily Watson

My view of things

Maybe I should go down in this particular case only once on the person of Beatrix Potter which is sure many of you have known from childhood. Well, probably their beautifully designed children's books, the animal forms thereof, or the ballet, which was staged with elaborate costumes and shown on TV.
Beatrix Potter was born in Kensington / London. She had in her childhood little contact with other children, apart from her six-year younger brother, Bertram, but also spent most of his time outside the home in a boarding school. Therefore, they sought out animal friends. Beatrix first rabbit was Benjamin Bouncer. Her second name was Peter Rabbit. Peter and Benjamin were later also the name of her first books in which rabbits were the main characters: The Tale of Peter Rabbit (1902) and The Tale of Benjamin Bunny (1904). She observed the animals for hours and drew them often. 23 books were published, on their request, all in the same small size (10 to 14 cm), so that children could hold hands. Beatrix Potter wrote to about 1920, less than their eyes.
like all I tell about her life at this point, otherwise I would divulge the entire contents of this truly beautiful film. But this much is revealed: The film adheres closely to the guidelines of your real life is, lovingly to detail, and understand it in touching fashion, the former way of life to convey the sometimes gloomy Victorian era, to the viewer. Man sinks for almost 90 minutes in a frenzy of imagination and sometimes painful reality. I would particularly like to highlight the three ways that never drifts into the absurd, and at any time, in spite of the peaceful progress of the story, the audience can follow banned. The performers were selected at most excellent and wide from the first until the last minute, just joy. At times I had to polish off one or two little tears, whether from grief or bright enthusiasm.
this movie I can all still young and imaginative People recommend only if only in order to be once again reminded of the beautiful day.


stories of Beatrix Potter, with their German titles

The Tale of Peter Rabbit
The story of Mr. Schnappeschlau
The story of Ribby and Duchess
The story of two naughty mice
The story of Mrs. Tiggy-Wiggel
The story of the poor tailor
The history of piggy softie
The story of Kitty Mozzi
The story of Jeremiah wheal
The story of Timmy Triptrap
The story of the Flopsi Bunny
The story of the wicked, wild hare
The story of Jemima Puddleduck
The history of curry and Kappes
The Story of Little Pig Robinson
The story of Thomasina Tittel mouse
The history of pig Schwapp
The story of Stoffel kitten
History by Squirrel Nutkin
The story of Feuchtel Fischer
The story of Bernhard mustache
The story of Benjamin Bunny
The story of Hans house mouse

Monday, December 13, 2010

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Today an interview with Ursula Geier

Vita by Ursula Geier

At 14 years ago, I wrote my first short story. Since then, the writing took a central role. So I released over time animal stories in magazines, wrote columns and was active abroad that a German-language newspaper was published. Now at the age of 70 years, I finally got the time to get my great hobby of writing to pay in full. My novels are here! And there will be more. You may be curious ...

How did you start writing?

was in the bookstore of my parents, I have written over 14 years of short stories.

What does the writing for you?

difficulties I have to write every day, I write when it comes out of me and then ready day and night until the book or the story is.

What difficulties have you fighting as a writer?

difficulties as an author I am not, but sometimes I have too much power in the head and has to arrange everything then me nervous.

you even read very much and what literature do you prefer?

I read a lot and all cross border, poems, new authors, Steven King, etc.

Who is your favorite author and what is your favorite book?

My favorite book is "Out of Africa"

Are you planning another book already?

Add a new book "somewhat critical" and some women

How often you write?

intervals I can determine hard, it just comes and then I write until I'm done and written totally empty.

How long do you work in such a book?

I can not say how long I'm working on a book, but the longest two years, because I've rewritten again and again.

Are you following the publication always completely satisfied with your work?

Usually I am satisfied with my books, but then again I think it matters, I want to change.

As readers react to your work?

react As the reader can judge me badly, I get praise and blame, but that's normal, I am satisfied with myself.

A warm "thank you" to Ursula vultures for this interview
your Sylvia

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Mathilda ....

.. I have christened the new spinning wheel. Even if it was actually Bea is, but somehow the bike for me means a more Mathilda :-)

men, it wobbles and it has been disassembled. And found that the ball bearing is quite over. He now wants to replace and replace a screw. Maybe then yes, it is easier. should be able to
Although I've gotten used to the wheel and achieved through a dual thread guide on the reel and a light spinning yarn feeder which I now very fine yarn. Do I still try. The first attempt, I have spun on the wheel is now ready spun, twisted two-ply and hangs just above the washing machine for drying. Once it is finished, photographed.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Women Using A Tampon Clips

No frustration more, only joy

My new car is going back without any problems. In the workshop I could not be told what it was, that it is not called. First it was said that the battery was fine, it would be something wrong with the starter, then it said it was a notifiable repair and you would have to get in touch with the work and in the end it said that it was charging the battery. I was pretty stupid. Was it because I will not be taken seriously as a woman? I can not say yet, because I made a change of manufacturer, it was my first contact with the workshop. I will however not let the matter rest, since I tick in any case for yet. Is not so!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Inside Of A Slap Bracelet

A Gentleman and Guardian Angels

An enchanting moment

Today I experienced a special moment and want to give it to you. I do not know if my words are able to describe this gorgeous little story so that you can empathize with what I felt at that moment, but I will do my best.

It is the second December 2010. For days it has snowed here in Munich. We have experienced a winter, as it was not seen in many years. As it were a winter wonderland, but accompanied by the associated negative effects, such as ice, ice, low temperatures around -10 °, mud puddles and snow mountains on the roadside.

I'm So after work on the roadside, a broad four-lane road and observe my surroundings while I'm waiting for the bus, as usual late. The scoreboard speaks for about five minutes that the bus comes in two minutes, but somehow I seem a different time continuum my own call, as I am drumming in the urban transport works do. But somehow I can still not bring calm.

An old, thin man walks past me. They automatically sign I appearance. He walks upright and still amazingly fast for his advanced age. His dress is neat, even downright maintained. The solid winter boots he wears a black suit pants, about half an also black jacket and an elegant navy blue gold patterned scarf. His head covered with a noble black Stetson. But his dignified presentation already put me in amazement, because when you see such a neat and tasteful appearance yet today? Actually everything seemed old-fashioned elegance to it, even his white hair, he wore the fashions of the turn of the century as adjusted for 1900, in light waves in the neck a little longer.

His narrow, distinctive face beamed one of two very calm composure that he did not lose even when he crossed the muddy road when the traffic lights to green finally capsized. I do not know why, but I could not take my eyes off him. Therefore I did not escape the following charming story.

On the other side of the street was an older lady. Also decorated in beige trousers, sand-colored winter jacket, equipped with a maroon scarf and a sand-colored hat, emblazoned on its side a silk ribbon. She leaned on a walking stick, and looked a bit helpless on the snow hill that towered in front of her and blocked the pedestrian crossing. Obviously they do not dare to overcome her stick arms and yet helpless, that obstacle.

Now one might have expected that it would come as usual in today's sometimes very emotionally cold world, to the fact that these two people would walk past each other easily ignored. But to my infinite amazement, suggested the noble savior of a slight bow, raised his hat for a moment and gave the helpless old lady then his arm to help her through the obstacle.

you can imagine what I felt at that lovely moment?

Foundation Kate Nash Sheet Music

Merry Christmas

Christmas spirit

It is every year the same thing. Mid-November, I still feel that I would do without this year like the whole Christmas rush. Buying gifts, decorating the stupid, the annoying Christmas music, the labor-intensive cookie baking and eating, to the entire family, all of which I will rigorously deny this year.

But with each passing day, I feel a growing excitement rise. First, I refuse to strictly this year to produce hours of Christmas cookies, I will loudly on it, not buy a tree and decorated is also very little. Just in time for first Advent I have then strangely least a couple of decorated fir branches, some atmospheric tealight holders are distributed in the rooms and, oh miracle, in my pantry are stacked flour, sugar, butter, vanilla sugar, ground nuts, etc. I ask myself constantly, "What is all that stuff came just in my pantry and what should I do with it? "Out of sheer good nature, and because food should not be unnecessarily wasted, but would end up with a few kilos of prepared dough and doing nothing to the do not let me then I'm with her Pl├Ątzchenausstechformen over the whole lump. In the background is playing Christmas music, but I really wanted to hear this year either. After hours of silence and night soaked bakery, I give up flour-dusted and fall into the nearest chair, put up your feet and think, "Where we set up this year on top of the tree," In this moment of awareness then spreads a gentle smile on my face out, because somehow it has the magic of Christmas once again made me take for themselves and from that moment is decorated in hard-working, until every room of pine branches and pastry smells, which spread their flickering candles that are beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree and solemnly decked out the family has gathered around it. Then the food to 'Little Drumerboy "is applied, after which the gifts distributed in an intimate circle and eat a little mulled wine with dessert.

Christmas, it must be magic that drives me every year to fall again to the magic of this festival.

I wish all my readers a Merry Christmas


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Meredith Mitchell and Alan Markby series by Ann Granger

is murder of all evil


The twisted body of a Siamese cat and the related owner: The Meredith Mitchell's first impression of the small town of West Field, where they wanted to only participate in the wedding of her niece. But now she is in involved a complicated murder case and begins to determine on your own - much to the displeasure of Inspector Markby who is interested in not only professionally for Meredith.

My view of things

At the outset I would like to point out that it is this crime series, from a total of 15 volumes there is more to the classic English mystery is, the story comes along that is quieter than usual. What I personally do not feel as a disadvantage, because it is sometimes not quite by mistake mass murderers be pursued, but more of the quirky characters often flattered to. This also means that the killings are therefore not necessarily brutal, but more sophisticated and sometimes downright thoughtful. Blood orgies you will search in vain in these novels. Fortunately!
Granted, just in Volume 1, I struggled with the female protagonist Meredith Mitchell and her, in my view, often weird beliefs and practices, still captivated me the case and the interaction of the characters. Meredith, I was up to the final band No. 15 never really warm, probably it was simply because they did not suit me in character, but this fact did not prevent all the books I read with enthusiasm and each case was designed to be extremely interesting. The counterpart of Meredith Mitchell, the most pleasant Alan Markby out skilfully by the novels and replaced with the assistance of Meredith sooner or later in any case in its own way.
Now comes a statement that probably share some readers mad with me because I was aware of the series through the really outstanding landscaped cover. Each of the 15 covers is not in itself a work of art, includes actual scenes from the respective novel and feel like it's really the book to read. Frequently I discover new novels on the eye candy that radiates from the respective covers for me.


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Monster Energy Can In Thong

One of my favorite mystery series

The face of the stranger - Anne Perry


Major Joscelin Grey, a decorated veteran of the Crimean War, is brutally murdered in his apartment. Inspector William Monk is to take the explosive case. But he is fighting not only with dark informants who lure him on the wrong tracks, but also with the consequences of a carriage accident. Only nurse Hester latterly he is a reliable help in a world where friends and enemies are hard to distinguish ...

My view of things

It is in this novel, the first of the William Monk series, by Anne Perry. Therefore be read as the first, the tip of my not insignificant part, in any case, the novels in order, because it is a series of novels, which is constantly evolving and only unfolds its true charm if you will live with the main actors. These crimes act in the Victorian era with their flair and pull the reader in a very short time, in a strange for us, but all the more exciting and mysterious world. The two main characters William Monk, which is definitely a dark attraction is inherent, and sometimes plenty of stubborn, charming but single-minded and lovable nurse Hester latterly through their such contrasting views and approaches. The cases themselves are designed to stimulate thinking along very exciting and constantly on. Often ends a Book with a solution for which you would not even come easy, which is understandable at all times, however, and never appears far-fetched. The novels are bursting with fascinating supporting characters before, but which are seen again at any time. The descriptions of scenes, impressions, locations can, in the eye of the reader always seem a very clear picture of the situation. In general I felt while reading often feel rather run a movie in my mind's eye to see, than a true increase or the letter.