Thursday, December 2, 2010

Inside Of A Slap Bracelet

A Gentleman and Guardian Angels

An enchanting moment

Today I experienced a special moment and want to give it to you. I do not know if my words are able to describe this gorgeous little story so that you can empathize with what I felt at that moment, but I will do my best.

It is the second December 2010. For days it has snowed here in Munich. We have experienced a winter, as it was not seen in many years. As it were a winter wonderland, but accompanied by the associated negative effects, such as ice, ice, low temperatures around -10 °, mud puddles and snow mountains on the roadside.

I'm So after work on the roadside, a broad four-lane road and observe my surroundings while I'm waiting for the bus, as usual late. The scoreboard speaks for about five minutes that the bus comes in two minutes, but somehow I seem a different time continuum my own call, as I am drumming in the urban transport works do. But somehow I can still not bring calm.

An old, thin man walks past me. They automatically sign I appearance. He walks upright and still amazingly fast for his advanced age. His dress is neat, even downright maintained. The solid winter boots he wears a black suit pants, about half an also black jacket and an elegant navy blue gold patterned scarf. His head covered with a noble black Stetson. But his dignified presentation already put me in amazement, because when you see such a neat and tasteful appearance yet today? Actually everything seemed old-fashioned elegance to it, even his white hair, he wore the fashions of the turn of the century as adjusted for 1900, in light waves in the neck a little longer.

His narrow, distinctive face beamed one of two very calm composure that he did not lose even when he crossed the muddy road when the traffic lights to green finally capsized. I do not know why, but I could not take my eyes off him. Therefore I did not escape the following charming story.

On the other side of the street was an older lady. Also decorated in beige trousers, sand-colored winter jacket, equipped with a maroon scarf and a sand-colored hat, emblazoned on its side a silk ribbon. She leaned on a walking stick, and looked a bit helpless on the snow hill that towered in front of her and blocked the pedestrian crossing. Obviously they do not dare to overcome her stick arms and yet helpless, that obstacle.

Now one might have expected that it would come as usual in today's sometimes very emotionally cold world, to the fact that these two people would walk past each other easily ignored. But to my infinite amazement, suggested the noble savior of a slight bow, raised his hat for a moment and gave the helpless old lady then his arm to help her through the obstacle.

you can imagine what I felt at that lovely moment?


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