Monday, December 13, 2010

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Today an interview with Ursula Geier

Vita by Ursula Geier

At 14 years ago, I wrote my first short story. Since then, the writing took a central role. So I released over time animal stories in magazines, wrote columns and was active abroad that a German-language newspaper was published. Now at the age of 70 years, I finally got the time to get my great hobby of writing to pay in full. My novels are here! And there will be more. You may be curious ...

How did you start writing?

was in the bookstore of my parents, I have written over 14 years of short stories.

What does the writing for you?

difficulties I have to write every day, I write when it comes out of me and then ready day and night until the book or the story is.

What difficulties have you fighting as a writer?

difficulties as an author I am not, but sometimes I have too much power in the head and has to arrange everything then me nervous.

you even read very much and what literature do you prefer?

I read a lot and all cross border, poems, new authors, Steven King, etc.

Who is your favorite author and what is your favorite book?

My favorite book is "Out of Africa"

Are you planning another book already?

Add a new book "somewhat critical" and some women

How often you write?

intervals I can determine hard, it just comes and then I write until I'm done and written totally empty.

How long do you work in such a book?

I can not say how long I'm working on a book, but the longest two years, because I've rewritten again and again.

Are you following the publication always completely satisfied with your work?

Usually I am satisfied with my books, but then again I think it matters, I want to change.

As readers react to your work?

react As the reader can judge me badly, I get praise and blame, but that's normal, I am satisfied with myself.

A warm "thank you" to Ursula vultures for this interview
your Sylvia


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