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Miss Potter - DVD

Miss Potter


London, early 20th Century. Beatrix Potter is still living in her parents' house. The passionate painter and writer has tried for a long time to publish their works, but beyond that they forget to live. You've never had a boyfriend, let alone that she had a marriage prospect. This changes, however, as the publisher Norman Warne is only for their books, then even interested in them. He seems to be the great love for Beatrix, but her aristocratic family by the Liaison unfortunately not befitting ...

Starring: Renee Zellweger
Ewan McGregor
Emily Watson

My view of things

Maybe I should go down in this particular case only once on the person of Beatrix Potter which is sure many of you have known from childhood. Well, probably their beautifully designed children's books, the animal forms thereof, or the ballet, which was staged with elaborate costumes and shown on TV.
Beatrix Potter was born in Kensington / London. She had in her childhood little contact with other children, apart from her six-year younger brother, Bertram, but also spent most of his time outside the home in a boarding school. Therefore, they sought out animal friends. Beatrix first rabbit was Benjamin Bouncer. Her second name was Peter Rabbit. Peter and Benjamin were later also the name of her first books in which rabbits were the main characters: The Tale of Peter Rabbit (1902) and The Tale of Benjamin Bunny (1904). She observed the animals for hours and drew them often. 23 books were published, on their request, all in the same small size (10 to 14 cm), so that children could hold hands. Beatrix Potter wrote to about 1920, less than their eyes.
like all I tell about her life at this point, otherwise I would divulge the entire contents of this truly beautiful film. But this much is revealed: The film adheres closely to the guidelines of your real life is, lovingly to detail, and understand it in touching fashion, the former way of life to convey the sometimes gloomy Victorian era, to the viewer. Man sinks for almost 90 minutes in a frenzy of imagination and sometimes painful reality. I would particularly like to highlight the three ways that never drifts into the absurd, and at any time, in spite of the peaceful progress of the story, the audience can follow banned. The performers were selected at most excellent and wide from the first until the last minute, just joy. At times I had to polish off one or two little tears, whether from grief or bright enthusiasm.
this movie I can all still young and imaginative People recommend only if only in order to be once again reminded of the beautiful day.


stories of Beatrix Potter, with their German titles

The Tale of Peter Rabbit
The story of Mr. Schnappeschlau
The story of Ribby and Duchess
The story of two naughty mice
The story of Mrs. Tiggy-Wiggel
The story of the poor tailor
The history of piggy softie
The story of Kitty Mozzi
The story of Jeremiah wheal
The story of Timmy Triptrap
The story of the Flopsi Bunny
The story of the wicked, wild hare
The story of Jemima Puddleduck
The history of curry and Kappes
The Story of Little Pig Robinson
The story of Thomasina Tittel mouse
The history of pig Schwapp
The story of Stoffel kitten
History by Squirrel Nutkin
The story of Feuchtel Fischer
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The story of Benjamin Bunny
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