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One of my favorite mystery series

The face of the stranger - Anne Perry


Major Joscelin Grey, a decorated veteran of the Crimean War, is brutally murdered in his apartment. Inspector William Monk is to take the explosive case. But he is fighting not only with dark informants who lure him on the wrong tracks, but also with the consequences of a carriage accident. Only nurse Hester latterly he is a reliable help in a world where friends and enemies are hard to distinguish ...

My view of things

It is in this novel, the first of the William Monk series, by Anne Perry. Therefore be read as the first, the tip of my not insignificant part, in any case, the novels in order, because it is a series of novels, which is constantly evolving and only unfolds its true charm if you will live with the main actors. These crimes act in the Victorian era with their flair and pull the reader in a very short time, in a strange for us, but all the more exciting and mysterious world. The two main characters William Monk, which is definitely a dark attraction is inherent, and sometimes plenty of stubborn, charming but single-minded and lovable nurse Hester latterly through their such contrasting views and approaches. The cases themselves are designed to stimulate thinking along very exciting and constantly on. Often ends a Book with a solution for which you would not even come easy, which is understandable at all times, however, and never appears far-fetched. The novels are bursting with fascinating supporting characters before, but which are seen again at any time. The descriptions of scenes, impressions, locations can, in the eye of the reader always seem a very clear picture of the situation. In general I felt while reading often feel rather run a movie in my mind's eye to see, than a true increase or the letter.


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Geraldine McEwan as Miss Marple - DVD

Miss Marple Edition

Starring: Geraldine McEwan

And many others from well-known television and movie actor.


would be pointless to describe the content at this point, as it is to the known cases, the beloved character Miss Marple in the novels by Agatha Christie. I should like to note here that the film does not faithfully adhere to the guidelines of the books.

My view of things

I think we all Margaret Rutherford in the role of the spleen containing Miss Marple still remember. This edition differs from Miss Marple Margaret Rutherford's presentation from the fictional character at worlds, in my opinion, however, observed in her own way, extremely lovable and amusing. One should not, however, this edition from the point of purchase to obtain a similar adaptation. If you approach completely at ease at Geraldine's McEwan's acting talent, then known as Agatha Christie fan an attractive find quirky implementation of the novels, filled with an excellent actress in the role of Miss Marple. There are three single boxes or a Complete Collection with a total of 1117 minutes extent. Thus one has really quite a while some of this pleasure. Now there are unfortunately also not be overlooked disadvantage in the matter. All parts are there only in the original English. I could personally discourage this and I can assure anyone interested that has also only basic English skills, he is able to follow the dialogue very well. In particular I would like this movie, the really beautiful landscape and architectural photography. England fan who does not like to wallow in quaint cottages, rolling hills and enchanting English gardens. All of this is found in abundance here as a bonus to the exciting stories implemented.


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My novels - A review

soul in a glass house
Is Chiara Frankenburger been involved in several art theft now? Erin wire drawing, or become innocent suspect? The question has been chief inspector Bancroft Wetherby seriously? And who followed the young woman? For their own protection, he takes her into protective custody and transported them unceremoniously to Scotland. Under the tutelage of his friend inhospitable Bartholomew MacLeod, he hopes their resistance to breaking with respect to a far-reaching statement. Living with her repellent designed to host first very difficult. But as soon as possible rather than to bring the case to an end, the situation deteriorated dramatically. Chiara escapes by the skin of several attempts on her life ...

to explain

In this book, it centers on a romantic thriller, its main focus on the psychological aspects of the main protagonists is based. It hit each other pretty stubborn and problematic characters who must learn in the course of the novel, that only the combination to move forward. The adult is not neglected in this novel, which should please the readers and do not necessarily prefer the pure thriller.
An excerpt of the novel can be found on my website or here:

masquerade of death


to prevent
The contract, theft of a precious diamond, draws the experienced detective Caitlin Napier soon in a world of secrets. Can Ciaran MacLachlan actually predict the death of other people? And who is the mysterious guardian of the Book of the Dead? Why are multiple murders committed, provided the bodies of characters? The struggle against the curse of the book combines with the search for the mass murderers and proved to be extremely confusing. Who can Caitlin Napier trust?

to explain

is in this case it is a mystical thriller. Here the real world blurs very easily with the mystical fiction, and tells the reader a glimpse into the world behind the usual way of thinking. can all starts as an ordinary crime, but very quickly becomes clear who can predict death is not an ordinary man and holds far more secrets than he valued his own. It can not just fighting the male lead character with the unpopular ability, no also all his friends and allies not escape the curse.

death under the monk pasture


A murder rocked the town of Willow Monks. The legend of the mysterious monk, whose existence and tragic end is based the development of the place does not seem irrelevant be involved in the events of today. For many years after his mysterious death, the monk walks again by night through the town, death and disaster brings about Monks Willow and its inhabitants. Nathaniel, the Earl of Montague decided themselves to take the investigation into their own hands. Together with his friends and the strange employees Selina Imrie he gets into a maelstrom of dangerous Geschehnisse.Dies is the fifth novel by the author Sylvia Seyboth. After two vampire novels and two thrillers, is at "death under the monk grazing 'is a quirky thriller in the style of old English crime novels that are characterized by their black humor.

to explain
A project that I have procrastinated for a long time before me. I wanted to create a bizarre mystery that is equipped with the typical English black humor. For this I needed an absurd story, or rather, a case that does not resemble the usual thriller. In addition, strange Characters emerge, which should be lovable and originel despite her sometimes strange behavior. Painted in a case involving the vein of Edgar Wallace is united and GKChesterton. I was in any case be said. I believe it now a try.

I wish all my readers and future readers enjoy the read samples, and perhaps later in the books.

your Sylvia


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Sherlock Holmes - DVD

Sherlock Holmes

Darsteller:  Robert Downey jr.
                Jew Law
Rachel McAdams

Director: Guy Ritchie

My view of things

premise I want I am a true fan of Sherlock Holmes . However, I can I do not complain about the variations of the classic Holmes theme. In fact, I would imagine even very good that a mutually interested Holmes even goes so far as to practice martial arts themselves, to get a real look behind the scenes. The presentation of Dr. Watson, I felt even as refreshing as it was finally blessed with a healthy dose of brains and perseverance. The investigation methods reminded, however very familiar to Sherlock. In general, the mix of new ideas and old ways worked very refreshing. The background music was a colorful mix that harmonized to the scene extremely well. I would particularly like to highlight the performers Robert Downey Jr. and Law Jew, with the latter so far I could not do much, but he excelled in that role even in my eyes. exceeded Whereas Robert Downey Jr. in this role itself. I loved to pursue his facial expressions and constantly waiting for a new inspiration that emerged in an amazing way in his face. Simply wonderful.
The story is a blend of mysticism and amazingly down to earth solution that I could comprehend at any time and was very entertaining. I would also mention the entertaining dialogue. A fascinating wit, the einprasselt partly an astonishing rate on the spectator. So far I
with films under directed by Guy Richie were not do much, but apparently in this case, the node, at least as far as my taste burst. A second part is to be understood in planning, I'm looking forward to it!


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Lateral Scope Release

The Chemistry of Death - Simon Beckett - Crime


David Hunter was once England famous forensic scientist. After the accidental death of his wife and daughter he has turned his back London and settled in Manham, a small village in the county of Devon, as a simple GP. Neither his employer, the old Dr. Maitland, yet the villagers know something of his past. Three years have passed since then, as discovered by two boys, the corpse of the local writer Sally Palmer. The victim was found with two infected swan wings. At the urging of the local Chief Inspector Mackenzie Hunter autopsy the corpse. Meanwhile, disappears a second resident of the village. The suspicions of the locals depend first and foremost against David Hunter, the eyes still in their beds ...

My View of things

I confess! I love thrillers in which Knochenfieselei operates. Kathy Reichs is also one of my favorite authors, such as Jefferson Bass. And since the publication of "Chemistry of Death Simon Beckett very well. Although it was not directly about an anthropologist. But the description of the author of a clash of David Hunter with the flies goodness gracious, I can not listen since then fly more at ease. "Chemistry of Death" is 1 Part of a series that revolves around the law's David Hunter and one should necessarily read the novels in the correct order to avoid being torn out of the temporal term. I would like to add right here that I personally, the second book, "Cold ashes" best place. I can only explain so that the entire novel takes place on the Scottish island of Runa, and thus simply my preference for the English, especially Scottish room, fully meets. Content, I could not give to the now three novels to be preferred. They are all intriguing and exciting, making it difficult for the reader the book out of hand lay, not before the last page is turned over.


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Clash of the Titans - DVD

Actor: Sam Worthington
Mads Mikkelsen
Ralph Fiennes
; Liam Neeson
                    Gemma Arterton
                    Alexa Davalos

Regie:          Louis Leterrier is


In the battle of the titans it for the ultimate power: men are fighting against kings, kings to gods. Even the gods make war against each other - so they can destroy the world. Perseus was born as God, but grew as a person. Powerless he must witness how his family to the vengeance god Hades, lord of the underworld, becomes the victim. Because he now has nothing to lose honest, Perseus declared himself ready for the daring attempt to overcome Hades before he deposed the king of the gods Zeus and the earth into hell chaos crashes, this fight must be Perseus and his warriors against infernal demons and terrible monster. A chance to succeed, they have only when Perseus accepted his divine power, providence defies and takes his fate into their own hands.

My view of things

102 minutes of entertainment. If you appreciate the Greek mythology, will watch this film with pleasure. Important part of Greek mythology will be processed in it for the best. I myself am over the whole length of the movie completely immersed in the fascinating world of Perseus and fevered with him and his supporters. Liam Neeson is understood in the role of Zeus, as usual to impress. Mads Mikkelsen played an outstanding gradually almost into my heart, although his role was at first not really likely to gain sympathy points. Ralph Fiennes represented Hades, which reminded me, though sometimes almost a little too much of his portrayal of the villain in Harry Potter. What is a purely subjective impression, for in spite of which he fitted into the role and made it as a spectator very easy to hate him. The star cast in this film was worth it, because even the smaller roles were perfectly cast and increased the appeal of this truly great film. About the special effects you have to lose today really a word, I do it anyway, they were outstanding. In summary, there is only an apt statement for me now!


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My favorite story from childhood

Anne of Green Gables


What shall employ the Cuthberts with the lively Anne? If the fun-loving redhead her otherwise quiet life neatly on his head. Thanks Anne of her hot temper stumbles from one disaster to the next! But luckily, she manages to master even the most impossible situations, somehow ... The turbulent story of the lovable orphan Anne growing up on the farm Green Gables, has already inspired a whole generation! In the continuation Anne provides the age of sixteen in the town of Avonlea for the excitement. Contains the books Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea.

My view of things

My love for Anne of Green Gables began by the film with Megan Follows (Anne Shirley), Jonathan Grombie (Gilbert Blyth) and Richard Farnsworth (Matthew Cuthbert). When I read the series in the 80's saw on TV, I thought nothing more. On the day after the broadcast of the 1st Part I bugged my mother until she is with me on the way to the nearest bookstore and was ordered for me the book by Lucy M. Montgomery. I remember it like today, the delivery time of almost cost me a week last nerve. I already had the 2 Part of the television series seen before I finally held the book in their hands. But then I read it in one day, whined, from then until I was given the other books and enjoyed each one.
remained until today my love for Anne of Green Gables obtained. Meanwhile, I own the series on DVD, as books from my childhood and as a CD series. The audio series adheres literally to the default directory, and is therefore particularly valuable for me.
Some may criticize now that the template is hopelessly outdated. I think, however, this just makes the charm of the story, the people and environment. The dialogues of course not always correspond to the present time. Fortunately! This is still played with words, some dialogue is not just flowery but even blumenfeld like.
is dipped quickly into the story of Anne Shirley, followed as the little orphan girl arrives at the Cuthbert, where their place place. However, apparently does not touching story of the charm of the story, but the essence of the red-haired Anne yourself you hate her hair color, is sinking ever in their very own world of dreams and fantasies through these triggers off many lovable chaos. And then there's the really tricky relationship with Gilbert Blyth, the likeable boy who committed the insane mistake Anne on her hair color to speak out. "Carrot", a word which brings him a long quarrel with the unforgiving Anne.
nice especially in these books is to follow the story of the protagonist into adulthood, with all the attendant experiences.
I can recommend this story in any form, whether as DVD's, books or CD's. Each child over 10 years, Anne is equally as I love, not to mention the adults'. If a story of a man from his childhood on the youth towards adulthood and accompanied the appeal never diminishes, then the story just be wonderful. And I'm certainly not the only adult Anne fan.


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a crime, how I love him

The second Voice: An Inspector Rutledge novel by Charles Todd

My view of things

The war and its consequences processed in a thriller

Herrlich , terrific, excellent! I would have much more attributes of this first book by Charles Todd incident. Actually, it's just a mystery why just the first volume of this series (and you should read the books necessarily in order), which was actually written in 1973 and shortly thereafter in England came to market, like with us until the `90 considerable attention. Germany and its publishers do not seem ripe for high quality of all world literature.
to Roman: Ian Rutledge is one of the most most memorable anti-heroes of fiction in crime fiction. Already after the first book you will inevitably learn from him, know his story better and it's sometimes follow but very abstruse investigation form. Added to this is its invisible companion Hamish, and who has what it takes. The presentation by the turmoil of World War I created, unwanted companion is excellent, and always surprising. In general, it is understood Charles Todd in an ingenious way, both men as well as present, and bring to the reader in mind. Added to this is an absolutely comprehensible story line of confused at any time or zusammengestöpselt appears. And the further you penetrate into the ranks of the more precise Rutledge novels are the characters presented to it and even more fascinating.
Although at first I was a little skeptical when I act read the novel in the period after the First World War, that is around 1919 and expected to be killed by war coverage, I was disabused. Here the war is shown in brief impressions, never annoying or overloaded decorated. On the contrary, the horror comes near the reader, impressed by its consequences, yet the novel is a thriller in the best sense.


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My absolute favorite novel

Phantom - The hitherto unwritten life story of "Phantom of the Opera" by Susan Kay

My view of things

Susan Kay is without doubt a masterpiece succeeded. At last we learn what the poor guy to suffer from the beast man mistook Erik in his adventurous life had. One of the frightening scenes
is probably to be found, no doubt at the beginning of the book. A mother denied her five-year-old son, the only request to his first truly celebrated birthday. Two kisses! More wishes not Erik, but the result is shocking. How can a mother to act in such?
With tears in his eyes are immersed in the emotional world a misunderstood genius and feel the desire again to make good on this lovely creature, what others have done wrong. Here at last is not only shown once the monster, the killer, but the man who was turned into what he was at the end. A hateful man with no chance of the one thing he truly desired: security!
It seems at first incomprehensible, how to hate a charismatic man like Erik, that no one will face his fear in sight, and. But on closer examination, the great majority of us admit that they would refuse to harbor deep in their hearts the idea of such a disfigured creature deeper feelings. It is not just a scar, or, as shown in several books, a small blemish of a face. If one starts from the description Lerauxs resembles the entire head, but above all the face is more like a skull which spans the skin, reminiscent of old wax. "Repulsive," as some might proclaim. But the longer I am with the Theme of "Phantom of the Opera" but concerned, the more I get the impression that Erik must have been a man who has received the only shortcoming an ugly face of Mother Nature. If he were not too perfect, amazing and simplistic nahmend when he at least not this come along negative at birth. His voice would have been outstanding, his movements in elegance hardly would be created to provide power in excess, intelligence, passed to a genius for the honor. Now a beautiful, masculine face and the perfect man. How boring !
And that reflects Susan Keys book again. He is the one part being a man, but on the other hand just a phantom that by haunting our brains, we are fascinated, and just to attract magically understands. Sometimes the description of his life seems all too "possible" and one is tempted in his footsteps to follow and a rose placed on his grave to want to. As a small compensation for all the unjustified shame, endured had it. If he were real?
For all Erik fanatics there is only one recommendation: buy this book and see you after the cinema release of Joel Schumacher then the pleasure is perfect, even if Gerard Butler in the role of Erik just too good looking to come off there, the attraction remains


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In an interview with Walter Jörg Langbein

Walter-Jörg Langbein, born on 08.16.1954 in the Upper Franconian Michelau studied Protestant theology after graduation. In 1979, Langbein freelance writer and has since been 30 successful national and international non-fiction books written. The renowned "Dr. A. Hedri Foundation" awarded him in 2000 with the "Award for Exopsychologie." Today he lives with his wife in the Lippe Weserbergland.

How has it with you to The letter started?
Since I can read, I am fascinated by the writing. As a student (elementary school), I wrote supposedly humorous short stories which I could read to the class. Sadly my late teacher, Werner Müller from Michelau in Upper Franconia, encouraged me and encouraged me.
When I read Karl May, I wanted to travel the world and write about it. Erich von Däniken's fascinated me in 1968 "international bestseller" Chariots of the Gods. The book was the final trigger. I wanted to write at all costs. I'm happy because I could fulfill my childhood dreams ... to travel and write.
How often you write?
I write all the time. I encounter constantly subjects that fascinate me: .... traveling and looking around in literature I then write more or less short texts, save them off. These texts are the stuff of which will be books ... or not. Writing helps me find clarity ... I am a seeker and let my readers to participate in my research.
Why did you chose this non-fiction writing?
I have many years very much written for newspapers and magazines, and serial novels. I am fascinated by the reality. It is usually more exciting than fiction. I prefer to write about the fantastic pages of reality. I lack the patience to invent a fictional world.
If you want to write a novel, you have to have from the beginning a detailed blueprint. The story needs to stand before you start to write. I am fascinated by the search for answers. When I start the search, I often .. usually .. not where it will lead me. That's for me to write non-fiction books so exciting! And so I went for the non-fiction category.
you read a lot and was even preferred?
I read a lot. On the one hand, I inform myself reading. on the current burning issues of our time. On the other hand, I relax when reading .... especially in the novels of Karl May. I admire him very much as a versatile author who has written far more than the known novels of the Wild West and the Orient-cycle. And I read a lot of literature, archaeological works as well as theological ... to "my" issues.
Who is your favorite author and what is your favorite book?
THE've Loved Author I do not. I read to be very happy to Erich von Daniken. His "memories" in the future to my heart. I have to thank Erich von Daniken very much and am proud that this great writer to his friends for decades.
go after what system you from writing?
First, collect material, and that unsystematic. Second, arrange the collected material. Third, pick a theme and assign to the subject material .. and look for new material. Or a new topic begins to interest me. I do research, even in my own documents. What I have gathered on this subject?
How long have you worked in such a book?
This is very different. I have published books - such as "The Da Vinci Code and the holy women" ... in which I have written for decades, of course, always with interruptions. With thorough research, I need at least a year for a book.
I always work on more than one worked for a book did. Over the last thirty .. forty years, I've collected a lot of material, some published in books ... and I still have there very much unpublished material. In my travels I have also much photographed.
For over a year I use my travels, I have done for research purposes, "in my blog series" Monster walls, mummies and mysteries, will read at the one-book-... Sunday by Sunday. At the moment I write at the 50th Episode.
How do you get to your subjects?
I am working for decades with the great mysteries of our planet. How old are the great cultures of humanity? How do they arise? How do the religions of the peoples have developed? There are issues that have always interested me, so fascinating. I'm not looking specifically for themes ... I sometimes get the Impression that the subjects seek me. I am a curious person, will give you questions and find answers. So I come across topics. I only write about subjects that really interest me very self. Besides writing books, fascinated by the world of the Internet. I write full of enthusiasm for a book-reading! It does not have his books ....
9th Recherchierst you much and in what way?
The search for me is not a necessary evil, I research very much: First, I study very hard literature ... such as theological, archaeological, mythological. This is really a wide field. And then I travel to locations to provide interesting information, to Egypt from Vanuatu. I am an avid traveler and collector of information ...
10th As readers react to your work?
very different. I solve some readers seem to outright refusal, of some readers with total enthusiasm. My books are so provocative, in part, especially my religious work, such as "The Da Vinci Code and the holy women" or
"Maria Magdalena / The truth about the beloved of Jesus." Over time, however, has increased the consent. I'm getting more and more positive, encouraging Resonance. I am grateful for praise, but also for a critique.
My most recent book, 2012 - new start and end triggers "is still in a strong resonance. Some esoteric, it is too little esoteric and too realistic. Others think I would create fear, if I am pointing to imminent danger. And - to my delight - hold some readers it reasonable for the work on 2012th
I appreciate any feedback ...

A big thank you to the wonderful author Walter-Jörg Langbein, whose books I always like to re-forest in search of interesting facts.