Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cm Before Implantation

My favorite story from childhood

Anne of Green Gables


What shall employ the Cuthberts with the lively Anne? If the fun-loving redhead her otherwise quiet life neatly on his head. Thanks Anne of her hot temper stumbles from one disaster to the next! But luckily, she manages to master even the most impossible situations, somehow ... The turbulent story of the lovable orphan Anne growing up on the farm Green Gables, has already inspired a whole generation! In the continuation Anne provides the age of sixteen in the town of Avonlea for the excitement. Contains the books Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea.

My view of things

My love for Anne of Green Gables began by the film with Megan Follows (Anne Shirley), Jonathan Grombie (Gilbert Blyth) and Richard Farnsworth (Matthew Cuthbert). When I read the series in the 80's saw on TV, I thought nothing more. On the day after the broadcast of the 1st Part I bugged my mother until she is with me on the way to the nearest bookstore and was ordered for me the book by Lucy M. Montgomery. I remember it like today, the delivery time of almost cost me a week last nerve. I already had the 2 Part of the television series seen before I finally held the book in their hands. But then I read it in one day, whined, from then until I was given the other books and enjoyed each one.
remained until today my love for Anne of Green Gables obtained. Meanwhile, I own the series on DVD, as books from my childhood and as a CD series. The audio series adheres literally to the default directory, and is therefore particularly valuable for me.
Some may criticize now that the template is hopelessly outdated. I think, however, this just makes the charm of the story, the people and environment. The dialogues of course not always correspond to the present time. Fortunately! This is still played with words, some dialogue is not just flowery but even blumenfeld like.
is dipped quickly into the story of Anne Shirley, followed as the little orphan girl arrives at the Cuthbert, where their place place. However, apparently does not touching story of the charm of the story, but the essence of the red-haired Anne yourself you hate her hair color, is sinking ever in their very own world of dreams and fantasies through these triggers off many lovable chaos. And then there's the really tricky relationship with Gilbert Blyth, the likeable boy who committed the insane mistake Anne on her hair color to speak out. "Carrot", a word which brings him a long quarrel with the unforgiving Anne.
nice especially in these books is to follow the story of the protagonist into adulthood, with all the attendant experiences.
I can recommend this story in any form, whether as DVD's, books or CD's. Each child over 10 years, Anne is equally as I love, not to mention the adults'. If a story of a man from his childhood on the youth towards adulthood and accompanied the appeal never diminishes, then the story just be wonderful. And I'm certainly not the only adult Anne fan.



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