Monday, November 29, 2010

Monster Energy Can In Thong

One of my favorite mystery series

The face of the stranger - Anne Perry


Major Joscelin Grey, a decorated veteran of the Crimean War, is brutally murdered in his apartment. Inspector William Monk is to take the explosive case. But he is fighting not only with dark informants who lure him on the wrong tracks, but also with the consequences of a carriage accident. Only nurse Hester latterly he is a reliable help in a world where friends and enemies are hard to distinguish ...

My view of things

It is in this novel, the first of the William Monk series, by Anne Perry. Therefore be read as the first, the tip of my not insignificant part, in any case, the novels in order, because it is a series of novels, which is constantly evolving and only unfolds its true charm if you will live with the main actors. These crimes act in the Victorian era with their flair and pull the reader in a very short time, in a strange for us, but all the more exciting and mysterious world. The two main characters William Monk, which is definitely a dark attraction is inherent, and sometimes plenty of stubborn, charming but single-minded and lovable nurse Hester latterly through their such contrasting views and approaches. The cases themselves are designed to stimulate thinking along very exciting and constantly on. Often ends a Book with a solution for which you would not even come easy, which is understandable at all times, however, and never appears far-fetched. The novels are bursting with fascinating supporting characters before, but which are seen again at any time. The descriptions of scenes, impressions, locations can, in the eye of the reader always seem a very clear picture of the situation. In general I felt while reading often feel rather run a movie in my mind's eye to see, than a true increase or the letter.



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