Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lateral Scope Release

The Chemistry of Death - Simon Beckett - Crime


David Hunter was once England famous forensic scientist. After the accidental death of his wife and daughter he has turned his back London and settled in Manham, a small village in the county of Devon, as a simple GP. Neither his employer, the old Dr. Maitland, yet the villagers know something of his past. Three years have passed since then, as discovered by two boys, the corpse of the local writer Sally Palmer. The victim was found with two infected swan wings. At the urging of the local Chief Inspector Mackenzie Hunter autopsy the corpse. Meanwhile, disappears a second resident of the village. The suspicions of the locals depend first and foremost against David Hunter, the eyes still in their beds ...

My View of things

I confess! I love thrillers in which Knochenfieselei operates. Kathy Reichs is also one of my favorite authors, such as Jefferson Bass. And since the publication of "Chemistry of Death Simon Beckett very well. Although it was not directly about an anthropologist. But the description of the author of a clash of David Hunter with the flies goodness gracious, I can not listen since then fly more at ease. "Chemistry of Death" is 1 Part of a series that revolves around the law's David Hunter and one should necessarily read the novels in the correct order to avoid being torn out of the temporal term. I would like to add right here that I personally, the second book, "Cold ashes" best place. I can only explain so that the entire novel takes place on the Scottish island of Runa, and thus simply my preference for the English, especially Scottish room, fully meets. Content, I could not give to the now three novels to be preferred. They are all intriguing and exciting, making it difficult for the reader the book out of hand lay, not before the last page is turned over.



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