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My novels - A review

soul in a glass house
Is Chiara Frankenburger been involved in several art theft now? Erin wire drawing, or become innocent suspect? The question has been chief inspector Bancroft Wetherby seriously? And who followed the young woman? For their own protection, he takes her into protective custody and transported them unceremoniously to Scotland. Under the tutelage of his friend inhospitable Bartholomew MacLeod, he hopes their resistance to breaking with respect to a far-reaching statement. Living with her repellent designed to host first very difficult. But as soon as possible rather than to bring the case to an end, the situation deteriorated dramatically. Chiara escapes by the skin of several attempts on her life ...

to explain

In this book, it centers on a romantic thriller, its main focus on the psychological aspects of the main protagonists is based. It hit each other pretty stubborn and problematic characters who must learn in the course of the novel, that only the combination to move forward. The adult is not neglected in this novel, which should please the readers and do not necessarily prefer the pure thriller.
An excerpt of the novel can be found on my website or here:

masquerade of death


to prevent
The contract, theft of a precious diamond, draws the experienced detective Caitlin Napier soon in a world of secrets. Can Ciaran MacLachlan actually predict the death of other people? And who is the mysterious guardian of the Book of the Dead? Why are multiple murders committed, provided the bodies of characters? The struggle against the curse of the book combines with the search for the mass murderers and proved to be extremely confusing. Who can Caitlin Napier trust?

to explain

is in this case it is a mystical thriller. Here the real world blurs very easily with the mystical fiction, and tells the reader a glimpse into the world behind the usual way of thinking. can all starts as an ordinary crime, but very quickly becomes clear who can predict death is not an ordinary man and holds far more secrets than he valued his own. It can not just fighting the male lead character with the unpopular ability, no also all his friends and allies not escape the curse.

death under the monk pasture


A murder rocked the town of Willow Monks. The legend of the mysterious monk, whose existence and tragic end is based the development of the place does not seem irrelevant be involved in the events of today. For many years after his mysterious death, the monk walks again by night through the town, death and disaster brings about Monks Willow and its inhabitants. Nathaniel, the Earl of Montague decided themselves to take the investigation into their own hands. Together with his friends and the strange employees Selina Imrie he gets into a maelstrom of dangerous Geschehnisse.Dies is the fifth novel by the author Sylvia Seyboth. After two vampire novels and two thrillers, is at "death under the monk grazing 'is a quirky thriller in the style of old English crime novels that are characterized by their black humor.

to explain
A project that I have procrastinated for a long time before me. I wanted to create a bizarre mystery that is equipped with the typical English black humor. For this I needed an absurd story, or rather, a case that does not resemble the usual thriller. In addition, strange Characters emerge, which should be lovable and originel despite her sometimes strange behavior. Painted in a case involving the vein of Edgar Wallace is united and GKChesterton. I was in any case be said. I believe it now a try.

I wish all my readers and future readers enjoy the read samples, and perhaps later in the books.

your Sylvia



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