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a crime, how I love him

The second Voice: An Inspector Rutledge novel by Charles Todd

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The war and its consequences processed in a thriller

Herrlich , terrific, excellent! I would have much more attributes of this first book by Charles Todd incident. Actually, it's just a mystery why just the first volume of this series (and you should read the books necessarily in order), which was actually written in 1973 and shortly thereafter in England came to market, like with us until the `90 considerable attention. Germany and its publishers do not seem ripe for high quality of all world literature.
to Roman: Ian Rutledge is one of the most most memorable anti-heroes of fiction in crime fiction. Already after the first book you will inevitably learn from him, know his story better and it's sometimes follow but very abstruse investigation form. Added to this is its invisible companion Hamish, and who has what it takes. The presentation by the turmoil of World War I created, unwanted companion is excellent, and always surprising. In general, it is understood Charles Todd in an ingenious way, both men as well as present, and bring to the reader in mind. Added to this is an absolutely comprehensible story line of confused at any time or zusammengestöpselt appears. And the further you penetrate into the ranks of the more precise Rutledge novels are the characters presented to it and even more fascinating.
Although at first I was a little skeptical when I act read the novel in the period after the First World War, that is around 1919 and expected to be killed by war coverage, I was disabused. Here the war is shown in brief impressions, never annoying or overloaded decorated. On the contrary, the horror comes near the reader, impressed by its consequences, yet the novel is a thriller in the best sense.



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