Saturday, July 18, 2009

Aspartame And Diverticulitis

new laws in the area of company law

a particularly valuable contribution is found blog in the corporate Legal Notes: (national and Europe) for a clear view of planned legislative changes, together with related materials and practical search function.

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Limited in Germany: more withdrawals than applications

I would like to point out the interesting article by Dr. RA Niemann state law (p. 165), with the latest figures for England Ltd. deals in Germany. Not only covered the new registration form from this company continues to steadily but are now also the first time more cancellations recorded as notifications. In addition, the insolvency of the Ltd. increased in April 2009 compared to the previous month by 72.3%. Rightly The author emphasizes here the role of Germany's basement, it had the previous downward trend of Ldt. only exacerbated.

source: in state law, Issue 07-08