Sunday, November 21, 2010

How Do I Know Flagyl Is Working

My absolute favorite novel

Phantom - The hitherto unwritten life story of "Phantom of the Opera" by Susan Kay

My view of things

Susan Kay is without doubt a masterpiece succeeded. At last we learn what the poor guy to suffer from the beast man mistook Erik in his adventurous life had. One of the frightening scenes
is probably to be found, no doubt at the beginning of the book. A mother denied her five-year-old son, the only request to his first truly celebrated birthday. Two kisses! More wishes not Erik, but the result is shocking. How can a mother to act in such?
With tears in his eyes are immersed in the emotional world a misunderstood genius and feel the desire again to make good on this lovely creature, what others have done wrong. Here at last is not only shown once the monster, the killer, but the man who was turned into what he was at the end. A hateful man with no chance of the one thing he truly desired: security!
It seems at first incomprehensible, how to hate a charismatic man like Erik, that no one will face his fear in sight, and. But on closer examination, the great majority of us admit that they would refuse to harbor deep in their hearts the idea of such a disfigured creature deeper feelings. It is not just a scar, or, as shown in several books, a small blemish of a face. If one starts from the description Lerauxs resembles the entire head, but above all the face is more like a skull which spans the skin, reminiscent of old wax. "Repulsive," as some might proclaim. But the longer I am with the Theme of "Phantom of the Opera" but concerned, the more I get the impression that Erik must have been a man who has received the only shortcoming an ugly face of Mother Nature. If he were not too perfect, amazing and simplistic nahmend when he at least not this come along negative at birth. His voice would have been outstanding, his movements in elegance hardly would be created to provide power in excess, intelligence, passed to a genius for the honor. Now a beautiful, masculine face and the perfect man. How boring !
And that reflects Susan Keys book again. He is the one part being a man, but on the other hand just a phantom that by haunting our brains, we are fascinated, and just to attract magically understands. Sometimes the description of his life seems all too "possible" and one is tempted in his footsteps to follow and a rose placed on his grave to want to. As a small compensation for all the unjustified shame, endured had it. If he were real?
For all Erik fanatics there is only one recommendation: buy this book and see you after the cinema release of Joel Schumacher then the pleasure is perfect, even if Gerard Butler in the role of Erik just too good looking to come off there, the attraction remains



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