Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bump Under Lip Piercing

Clash of the Titans - DVD

Actor: Sam Worthington
Mads Mikkelsen
Ralph Fiennes
; Liam Neeson
                    Gemma Arterton
                    Alexa Davalos

Regie:          Louis Leterrier is


In the battle of the titans it for the ultimate power: men are fighting against kings, kings to gods. Even the gods make war against each other - so they can destroy the world. Perseus was born as God, but grew as a person. Powerless he must witness how his family to the vengeance god Hades, lord of the underworld, becomes the victim. Because he now has nothing to lose honest, Perseus declared himself ready for the daring attempt to overcome Hades before he deposed the king of the gods Zeus and the earth into hell chaos crashes, this fight must be Perseus and his warriors against infernal demons and terrible monster. A chance to succeed, they have only when Perseus accepted his divine power, providence defies and takes his fate into their own hands.

My view of things

102 minutes of entertainment. If you appreciate the Greek mythology, will watch this film with pleasure. Important part of Greek mythology will be processed in it for the best. I myself am over the whole length of the movie completely immersed in the fascinating world of Perseus and fevered with him and his supporters. Liam Neeson is understood in the role of Zeus, as usual to impress. Mads Mikkelsen played an outstanding gradually almost into my heart, although his role was at first not really likely to gain sympathy points. Ralph Fiennes represented Hades, which reminded me, though sometimes almost a little too much of his portrayal of the villain in Harry Potter. What is a purely subjective impression, for in spite of which he fitted into the role and made it as a spectator very easy to hate him. The star cast in this film was worth it, because even the smaller roles were perfectly cast and increased the appeal of this truly great film. About the special effects you have to lose today really a word, I do it anyway, they were outstanding. In summary, there is only an apt statement for me now!



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