Thursday, November 25, 2010

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Sherlock Holmes - DVD

Sherlock Holmes

Darsteller:  Robert Downey jr.
                Jew Law
Rachel McAdams

Director: Guy Ritchie

My view of things

premise I want I am a true fan of Sherlock Holmes . However, I can I do not complain about the variations of the classic Holmes theme. In fact, I would imagine even very good that a mutually interested Holmes even goes so far as to practice martial arts themselves, to get a real look behind the scenes. The presentation of Dr. Watson, I felt even as refreshing as it was finally blessed with a healthy dose of brains and perseverance. The investigation methods reminded, however very familiar to Sherlock. In general, the mix of new ideas and old ways worked very refreshing. The background music was a colorful mix that harmonized to the scene extremely well. I would particularly like to highlight the performers Robert Downey Jr. and Law Jew, with the latter so far I could not do much, but he excelled in that role even in my eyes. exceeded Whereas Robert Downey Jr. in this role itself. I loved to pursue his facial expressions and constantly waiting for a new inspiration that emerged in an amazing way in his face. Simply wonderful.
The story is a blend of mysticism and amazingly down to earth solution that I could comprehend at any time and was very entertaining. I would also mention the entertaining dialogue. A fascinating wit, the einprasselt partly an astonishing rate on the spectator. So far I
with films under directed by Guy Richie were not do much, but apparently in this case, the node, at least as far as my taste burst. A second part is to be understood in planning, I'm looking forward to it!



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