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In an interview with Walter Jörg Langbein

Walter-Jörg Langbein, born on 08.16.1954 in the Upper Franconian Michelau studied Protestant theology after graduation. In 1979, Langbein freelance writer and has since been 30 successful national and international non-fiction books written. The renowned "Dr. A. Hedri Foundation" awarded him in 2000 with the "Award for Exopsychologie." Today he lives with his wife in the Lippe Weserbergland.

How has it with you to The letter started?
Since I can read, I am fascinated by the writing. As a student (elementary school), I wrote supposedly humorous short stories which I could read to the class. Sadly my late teacher, Werner Müller from Michelau in Upper Franconia, encouraged me and encouraged me.
When I read Karl May, I wanted to travel the world and write about it. Erich von Däniken's fascinated me in 1968 "international bestseller" Chariots of the Gods. The book was the final trigger. I wanted to write at all costs. I'm happy because I could fulfill my childhood dreams ... to travel and write.
How often you write?
I write all the time. I encounter constantly subjects that fascinate me: .... traveling and looking around in literature I then write more or less short texts, save them off. These texts are the stuff of which will be books ... or not. Writing helps me find clarity ... I am a seeker and let my readers to participate in my research.
Why did you chose this non-fiction writing?
I have many years very much written for newspapers and magazines, and serial novels. I am fascinated by the reality. It is usually more exciting than fiction. I prefer to write about the fantastic pages of reality. I lack the patience to invent a fictional world.
If you want to write a novel, you have to have from the beginning a detailed blueprint. The story needs to stand before you start to write. I am fascinated by the search for answers. When I start the search, I often .. usually .. not where it will lead me. That's for me to write non-fiction books so exciting! And so I went for the non-fiction category.
you read a lot and was even preferred?
I read a lot. On the one hand, I inform myself reading. on the current burning issues of our time. On the other hand, I relax when reading .... especially in the novels of Karl May. I admire him very much as a versatile author who has written far more than the known novels of the Wild West and the Orient-cycle. And I read a lot of literature, archaeological works as well as theological ... to "my" issues.
Who is your favorite author and what is your favorite book?
THE've Loved Author I do not. I read to be very happy to Erich von Daniken. His "memories" in the future to my heart. I have to thank Erich von Daniken very much and am proud that this great writer to his friends for decades.
go after what system you from writing?
First, collect material, and that unsystematic. Second, arrange the collected material. Third, pick a theme and assign to the subject material .. and look for new material. Or a new topic begins to interest me. I do research, even in my own documents. What I have gathered on this subject?
How long have you worked in such a book?
This is very different. I have published books - such as "The Da Vinci Code and the holy women" ... in which I have written for decades, of course, always with interruptions. With thorough research, I need at least a year for a book.
I always work on more than one worked for a book did. Over the last thirty .. forty years, I've collected a lot of material, some published in books ... and I still have there very much unpublished material. In my travels I have also much photographed.
For over a year I use my travels, I have done for research purposes, "in my blog series" Monster walls, mummies and mysteries, will read at the one-book-... Sunday by Sunday. At the moment I write at the 50th Episode.
How do you get to your subjects?
I am working for decades with the great mysteries of our planet. How old are the great cultures of humanity? How do they arise? How do the religions of the peoples have developed? There are issues that have always interested me, so fascinating. I'm not looking specifically for themes ... I sometimes get the Impression that the subjects seek me. I am a curious person, will give you questions and find answers. So I come across topics. I only write about subjects that really interest me very self. Besides writing books, fascinated by the world of the Internet. I write full of enthusiasm for a book-reading! It does not have his books ....
9th Recherchierst you much and in what way?
The search for me is not a necessary evil, I research very much: First, I study very hard literature ... such as theological, archaeological, mythological. This is really a wide field. And then I travel to locations to provide interesting information, to Egypt from Vanuatu. I am an avid traveler and collector of information ...
10th As readers react to your work?
very different. I solve some readers seem to outright refusal, of some readers with total enthusiasm. My books are so provocative, in part, especially my religious work, such as "The Da Vinci Code and the holy women" or
"Maria Magdalena / The truth about the beloved of Jesus." Over time, however, has increased the consent. I'm getting more and more positive, encouraging Resonance. I am grateful for praise, but also for a critique.
My most recent book, 2012 - new start and end triggers "is still in a strong resonance. Some esoteric, it is too little esoteric and too realistic. Others think I would create fear, if I am pointing to imminent danger. And - to my delight - hold some readers it reasonable for the work on 2012th
I appreciate any feedback ...

A big thank you to the wonderful author Walter-Jörg Langbein, whose books I always like to re-forest in search of interesting facts.



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