Thursday, December 2, 2010

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Meredith Mitchell and Alan Markby series by Ann Granger

is murder of all evil


The twisted body of a Siamese cat and the related owner: The Meredith Mitchell's first impression of the small town of West Field, where they wanted to only participate in the wedding of her niece. But now she is in involved a complicated murder case and begins to determine on your own - much to the displeasure of Inspector Markby who is interested in not only professionally for Meredith.

My view of things

At the outset I would like to point out that it is this crime series, from a total of 15 volumes there is more to the classic English mystery is, the story comes along that is quieter than usual. What I personally do not feel as a disadvantage, because it is sometimes not quite by mistake mass murderers be pursued, but more of the quirky characters often flattered to. This also means that the killings are therefore not necessarily brutal, but more sophisticated and sometimes downright thoughtful. Blood orgies you will search in vain in these novels. Fortunately!
Granted, just in Volume 1, I struggled with the female protagonist Meredith Mitchell and her, in my view, often weird beliefs and practices, still captivated me the case and the interaction of the characters. Meredith, I was up to the final band No. 15 never really warm, probably it was simply because they did not suit me in character, but this fact did not prevent all the books I read with enthusiasm and each case was designed to be extremely interesting. The counterpart of Meredith Mitchell, the most pleasant Alan Markby out skilfully by the novels and replaced with the assistance of Meredith sooner or later in any case in its own way.
Now comes a statement that probably share some readers mad with me because I was aware of the series through the really outstanding landscaped cover. Each of the 15 covers is not in itself a work of art, includes actual scenes from the respective novel and feel like it's really the book to read. Frequently I discover new novels on the eye candy that radiates from the respective covers for me.



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