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Can A Person Get Toxoplasmosis More Than Once

In an interview with Ursula Dittmer

I Ursula Dittmer as lovely and extremely talented writer met. Here you CV and a very interesting interview with the Dragon Author:

Ursula Dittmer
is married and lives in W├╝rzburg.
She studied social pedagogy has long been active years in social work before she made in 1987 independently. She has worked as a freelance training consultant, founded a company and a training institute, where they also offer storytelling and theater courses.
Writing stories and poems since she accompanied her school years. She wrote and directed two fairy-tale plays, which she brought as a shadow on the stage.

Fasanthiola The cycle is her first novel published for adults.

How did you start writing?

I already have written stories as a child and given to relatives at Christmas. I got my first royalty of 10 years for a Sommergedichtchen in the local paper. Later, at the high school, I worked actively in the school newspaper and also wrote stories here. In the wistful puberty stories and poems just poured out of me. I have hundreds of stories from this period commenced in a folder ... let's see, maybe in one or another idea of a day, a larger project.
My novel cycle "Fasanthiola" grew out of a gimmick with friends ... a wrote a beginning, saved him - at that time - on two floppy disks and it was the third member and me on. Emanated from an idea two different approaches ... the one I wrote 10 years and developed it. My ambition was to have completed the story completely, before I even could not think of a publication.

Fantasy Is your main genre, or you plan later books from other areas?

I think, who can write, which it is not difficult to be open in all directions. Although I've never tried, but I could write even a slushy novel home. If I need a idea, had a beginning, I could sit down and write it ... Seriously! I do not have any ambitions in that direction and in the moment enough, the fourth and the fifth to get Fasanthiola band on the series.
So I have to come in about two years to decide which direction I want to go. Conveniently, the readers decide. Right now I have the impression that German Fantasy author, without "big" name I have a hard time for me to argue with my books on the market. Now that I have ventured into the public, I would like to sell my works, of course. Especially since I've decided for Books on Demand, as a publisher to be able to market them.
It would be exciting for me to start a second try in another genre. I should really reach a wider audience, I would not mind to continue writing with the stamp on the forehead "that's the fantasy author. I search for years for a second epic ...

Are you reaching your characters from life or invent them?

Some of my characters resemble people I know or knew. But that was just completely in the beginning. Each of my character developed very quickly a life of its own against the can not write to me. They do not like someone is there already. So I put in a specific situation is not: What would have behave as XY, but I develop the actions or the thoughts of my characters so that it fits for him and his surroundings. A new story I begin like this: "Feri wandered a bit up the road along, and decided after an hour of travel time and the third crossing, which direction he wanted to keep "Then - later. or ten paragraphs I stop and start, this Feri, who is newly come into my life, to move. I often do at this time either, as he looks, nor has it been doing what on the road. This is clear only at the next letter by what or who met him. I can not and does not want me bothered with a story board. The final form then a figure in the revision. While writing, I quote the character but at an Excel spreadsheet. All that characterizes him, is recorded in the latter. This it will no discrepancies gibt.Es annoys me as a reader very much if an author works as unclean and a protagonist for the first blond and slim, but later is brunette with belly.

Why take your first books of all the fantasy figures "dragon" on?

As I mentioned above, the Fasanthiola cycle originated from a game I played with two friends. Someone brought the young dragons Herkon and as white Dragoness Rufath into play ... the first beings to whom Alexander met in Breskow Fasanthiola.
were probably the dragons of the reason why I liked this version of the two stories better than the other. I was not about dragons in general, but this kind of dragon. Thinking, intelligent beings with their own philosophy and way of life that are not there to serve people or helpful to stand aside. In Anne McCaffrey's "Dragonriders of Pern" series come from such as dragons. That gave me the time I had devoured these books very much.

Who is your favorite author?

It is not just one. I read almost exclusively self-fantasy. Fantasy writers tend to be prolific writers / inside. When new books by: Robin Hobb come out, Lynn Flewelling and RR Martin, I already scraping their hooves, until they are finally presented in the German translation ...

What's your favorite novel and why do you like it so good?

I replace "novel" with "cycle". Because in the fantasy I like "honeysuckle". Stand there with me two cycles side by side on the throne: "The Legend of the Farseer by Robin Hobb and" The Mystery of the great swords "by Tad Williams.

What was your biggest dream as far as your writing?

Since I have to think not, have success with my books!

If your novels were filmed, which actor would you choose?

I live for over 15 years with my characters. I have such clear pictures of them in the head ... I find it difficult to make a comparison with a living actor.

Is there a goal you with your want to achieve novels?

If I can get my readers already scraping their hooves when they hear that I'm working on a new project, I am satisfied. There are still not many, but they are there ... There is still a lot of hard work ahead of me.

How much time do you invest in your work?

currently very little. My last novel was published in November 2010 ... then am I usually really burned out. If my memory is full again, I will try to regain the old rhythm: every Sunday between three and five hours Monday and three hours. From September day, a target of 3 pages, Sunday 20th No matter how much time does that.

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