Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Milena Velba Pia Shione

I'm reading: Karin Slaughter - horror

Dead Wrong - a nightmare come true ...

still on the threshold of their homes sees Abigail Campano, the glass shards. The bloody footprint on the floor boards. And the man who bends over the lifeless body of a girl. Your daughter! She throws herself at him, takes him to the case, and in a fierce battle of life and death, they strangled him. The girl looks, she was slain. The body is covered with bite wounds and bruises. But it's not their daughter Emma, but the best Girlfriend Kayla. Emma has vanished from the earth.

Special Agent Will Trent knows: The chance of finding the girl alive is less from hour to hour. But even more appalling is the idea that the sadistic offender could get away with it ...

The second case for Will Trent and his new partner Faith Mitchell - the ultimate thrill!

Source: Thalia.de


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