Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Height Of Wakeboard Tower

I'm reading: Cody McFadyen - Evil Completed in us

befriends on a flight, sitting next to Lisa with her. The man invites you to a drink. After a few sips Lisa dizzy. Then the man leans over to her and whispers, "I will kill you, Lisa." After landing, the crew found Lisa's body, the perpetrator is no trace. The FBI agent Smoky Barrett has only one thing: A silver cross with a skull and the number 143 in the body of the dead. What does the sign? A mystery to the Internet videos of brutal murders occur. The killer has already struck several times. And the films reveal something else: Each of the victims had a secret that his soul black colored. With his deeds will redeem the souls of the murderers. And a soul to him means a lot: from the Smoky Barrett. Even Smoky has a secret that will drive you crazy ...


Actually, I read the book is not straight, but I just finished . After seeing the first two Books to Smoky Barrett had swallowed, I was looking forward to the third part. The third part I was not as tied as the first part, I could not find it so exciting. The first part, I was like "wow" and could not put the book out of hand. . The second part was ok, the third I was missing something, the voltage


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