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The Sorcerer's Apprentice - DVD

The Sorcerer's Apprentice - DVD

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Although various critics these strips have panned hopeless, I have to make a counter statement. I was plenty skeptical approach to this film, especially after I had previously not heard much good about him.

But first of the facts from my perspective. Needless to say first that it is this fantasy movie is a Walt Disney production. Thus clear from the outset any reasonably experienced watching films are must, that this should be a children's and youth film. Nevertheless, it managed to Jon Turteltaub, the director with the guarantee of success, a truly exciting and outstanding, provided technical tricks on the movie screen / bring to DVD.

passed to me the 105 minutes as in flight, I watched action-packed scenes, every now and then had to laugh, and felt as though the entire strip light, but always entertaining film fare.

Alfred Molina, in the role of Balthazar, was once again just like in Spiderman, used as a villain. Well, I own one that I truly have negative villains 've seen, but what shows us the FSC labels on the DVD, this film has been provided with a Wii over 12. Probably not without good reason. Of course it is in this film on hard battle scenes, such as sacrificing in a real action flick, but honestly, it must always inject the blood, just so we feel a movie as exciting?

A further criticism of many reviewers, was that they felt much content as traditionally done. Well, that may be true, but now times honest, what is one to invent anything yet? Almost everything there somehow and somewhere once seen. I do not see it so close, sometimes I am convinced a well- Figure copied from another reference out more than a poorly re-invented.

Only the actor Jay Baruchel, in the role of sorcerer's apprentice, ruined the movie for my taste a little. Perhaps I am now at this point a little critical, but he brought me over for not too much. It may not always be a pretty boy, but it should be something more to be taken seriously mimic exist.

particularly funny, I found the use of the Walt Disney Studios on a well-known scene from Fantasia, for we knew the sorcerer's apprentice provides magnificent included in its fight against the uncontrollable broom leave. In general I think it took quite deliberately so many allusions to other movies back and it is this often contained the most relevant sense of humor.

for my taste, I can only recommend this film. If you want to be entertained for an evening long well without having to think too much, then you are well advised by this strip.



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