Monday, January 24, 2011

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Dwayne Johnson, a real figure of fun! And this shall be no offense, but an honest compliment. It is truly an art of the roles of hard fighting to get away and seriously funny to be. I do not know whether it is only in the divine role choice or simply Dwayne Johnson's convincing game, but the movie was absolutely surprising delicacy.

First I hesitated long to buy it. Then I discovered him at some point for a bargain price of 5 € and resorted to. Actually, the sole reason, Dwayne Johnson as an actor because I very much appreciate feel misunderstood and often. Then again it took a while until I could pull myself together to actually see the movie. But lo and behold, as is sometimes the case, I spent one of the most entertaining evenings of late.

Dwayne Johnson in the role of the hockey player Derek Thompson, who was known as "tooth fairy" because it was not before one or other hard foul shrinks and ever lost a tooth of an opponent is mutated as a new friend at the Page of Ashley Judd (unfortunately I do not at present the role name), the gentle giant. He is working even for the affections of the rebellious young son of the woman of his heart. But then he makes a crucial mistake, he takes the concerns of a small fans are not serious enough to rob him of any illusion. The revenge in an unexpected way.

Derek wakes up in a new world and becomes the "tooth fairy disgust." From then on, the film pulls audience estimated at nearly all of the seats. It degenerates into slapstick at times literally, but which still persists over the 98 minutes always amusing and enticing a hearty laugh.

especially big advantage is of course always the stunning sight of a truly brilliant smile when Dwayne Johnson, not only by a trained body shine to understand. This entertainment for the whole family is offered.

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