Thursday, December 2, 2010

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Merry Christmas

Christmas spirit

It is every year the same thing. Mid-November, I still feel that I would do without this year like the whole Christmas rush. Buying gifts, decorating the stupid, the annoying Christmas music, the labor-intensive cookie baking and eating, to the entire family, all of which I will rigorously deny this year.

But with each passing day, I feel a growing excitement rise. First, I refuse to strictly this year to produce hours of Christmas cookies, I will loudly on it, not buy a tree and decorated is also very little. Just in time for first Advent I have then strangely least a couple of decorated fir branches, some atmospheric tealight holders are distributed in the rooms and, oh miracle, in my pantry are stacked flour, sugar, butter, vanilla sugar, ground nuts, etc. I ask myself constantly, "What is all that stuff came just in my pantry and what should I do with it? "Out of sheer good nature, and because food should not be unnecessarily wasted, but would end up with a few kilos of prepared dough and doing nothing to the do not let me then I'm with her Pl├Ątzchenausstechformen over the whole lump. In the background is playing Christmas music, but I really wanted to hear this year either. After hours of silence and night soaked bakery, I give up flour-dusted and fall into the nearest chair, put up your feet and think, "Where we set up this year on top of the tree," In this moment of awareness then spreads a gentle smile on my face out, because somehow it has the magic of Christmas once again made me take for themselves and from that moment is decorated in hard-working, until every room of pine branches and pastry smells, which spread their flickering candles that are beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree and solemnly decked out the family has gathered around it. Then the food to 'Little Drumerboy "is applied, after which the gifts distributed in an intimate circle and eat a little mulled wine with dessert.

Christmas, it must be magic that drives me every year to fall again to the magic of this festival.

I wish all my readers a Merry Christmas



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