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What is Gouache?

of these is a text from Wikipedia, which is really nothing to add:

Gouache (from the Italian guazzo = pool) is a technique with very solid colors consisting of pigments such as chalk and animal hide glue are produced as a binder. The colors are strong and can only really thin - to be used almost like watercolor. The typical gouache colors and opacities can be produced with advantage by layering from dark to light, from blue to yellow. Black may be used. If we should create a watercolor-like effect to dispense with opaque white and white areas cut out to the paper surface. In impasto use of color is used opaque white to brighten up the colors. Since the industrial production of gouache colors, the colors tend to be highly resistant to light.
When drying the bright colors typically over her wet state, thereby meeting the particular colors is difficult. In order to achieve a certain effect, need some practice and technical knowledge of the paint used. Transitions in the color must also be carefully planned, because you can rub the color of the job is not easy, such as in oil painting.
Gouache is water soluble even after drying, part of a final image can be so removed or altered. The paint dries on matte and then shows a velvet-like surface or pastel. In addition, the color of impasto order after the drying is somewhat brittle and therefore it is only suitable for substrates that are little or no flexibility (tightly stretched canvas, wood panels or similar).
gouaches (Mz, for Gouache images) can be covered with varnish to protect the surface from damage. This is not recommended, however, since the varnish by the refraction of light shade changes and significant changes can be caused. In order impasto the varnish penetrates into the different layers of color and produces a patchy and unpleasant-looking surface. In the traditional gouache painting is therefore often used to varnish also to obtain the entire active surface structure.
The first use of gouache-like colors is reserved for the illumination of the early Middle Ages. In painting, this technique was only used in the scenes, flags and decorative painting. Only in the 15 Century artists discovered significant this technology for themselves. Raphael, Titian and Durer used gouache for studies and designs, among others painted their oil paintings with gouache. Important representatives of modern gouache paintings are Henri Matisse, Marc Chagall, Paul Wunderlich and Otto Mueller.
Often Gouache (besides temperature) used for the colored version of sculptures.

addition you can also add important marine artists such as Carl set man, Adolf Bock, Hans Bohrdt, Claus Bergen, Walter and Willy Zeeden Stöwer used for their Marine painting, or for preliminary studies often gouache colors!


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