Saturday, December 19, 2009

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No progress towards a European Private Company (EPC)

The European Competitiveness is at its meeting on 3rd and reaches 12.04.2009 to the conclusion that the proposal for a Council Regulation on a Statute for a European private company again should be revised. In the English press release (via beck blog) on page 24 states:

"Since the unanimity needed for an agreement was not reached, the Council noted that furter work is required on the proposal Aimed at Establishing the legal form for the European private company (also called "Societas Privata Europaea" or "SPE"). "

was apparently no agreement on the issue of minimum capital and participation have been achieved. Thus, the introduction of this new society be further delayed.

Here found the message of the beck blog along with a clear presentation of the history of development.

An interesting article on the EPG is also found in the new issue of congestion right of RA Dr. Wilhelm Niemeier that deals with the question: " failed again: that the European Private company to be repositioned? "


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