Sunday, November 23, 2008

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response of the Federal Government to the minor question on the implementation of the MoMiG

How here reported previously, there was an inquiry by the MPs Kerstin Andreae, Jerzy Montag, Birgitt Bender and other members of the Group and B√ľndnis 90/DIE Greens to implement the Act to Modernize the law and to combat abuses (MoMiG).

reason for this request were reports of trade associations, which from an uncertainty of those interested in starting a business company reported (limited). Major steps of implementation MoMiG towards creating the new society are still unclear.

The federal government here (BT-Drucks. 16/10739) has referred to the individual questions. As previously reported, there contrary to the request no uncertainty as to the issues raised by the entrepreneurial society. The UG is not a new independent legal status in Germany, but only a special variant of the Ltd. This has the response of the federal government once again clearly emphasized.

regard to the request again raised notary costs, I recommend the essay by:
Sikora / controller / Tiedtke: The effects of MoMiG to the notary fees, MittBayNot 2008, 437ff.
The authors explain with specific examples in detail the relevant constellation the entry into force of the MoMiG.


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