Sunday, November 2, 2008

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Small request of Alliance 90/The Greens for the implementation of the law on MoMiG on the entrepreneurial society (UG)

is hardly MoMiG entered into force, already the first questions regarding the new entrepreneurial society are raised: The Alliance 90/The Greens is interested in a little request for the implementation of the Act to Modernize the law and to combat abuses (MoMiG) ( 16/10678) .

content, it goes to the following questions: first
As with implementation of the MoMiG clear whether the Founders can be an entrepreneurial company private persons, legal persons or both?
second What will determine whether the entrepreneurial society itself a shareholder in another company may be such as a basement or Co KG?
third What will be the advertised with the law model protocol for such a society and the working aids are provided in this context?
4th What costs are incurred in the application of entrepreneurial society with the help of the model protocol at the notary and these are cheaper than other business applications without standard record?
5th How will the requirement to specify the precise and how accurate it takes on the name listed in the Act Reference?
6th What, by when and by which agency should the effects of MoMiG
on business start-ups will be evaluated?
7th How is the possible transfer of a business carried mbH, a limited liability company on the Thesaurierungsvorschrift of profits to the achievement of the 25 000 € equity also going exactly?

Source: German Bundestag (hib-release) .

course is the reasoning of the Law Committee MoMiG to some of the issues already information: So be only mentioned that the model printed in Annex (Annex 1 to Article No. 50) specifically states that it is also about the founders a legal person can (Question 1). As for the basement with all standards of the GmbH law and German law, all except the special scheme of § 5a GmbHG apply (see scheme MoMiG, p. 31), the UG is to be a shareholder of other companies in terms of their ability, otherwise to assess than the GmbH. In the basement is not a new legal form but a sub-case of the GmbH (Question 2). With regard to the notary fee, I can here on these previously published entry point (question 4).


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