Saturday, September 20, 2008

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MoMiG: Reform of Company Law passed by the Bundesrat

The Federal Council yesterday the Act to Modernize the law and to combat abuses (MoMiG) approved . What was to take (see previous message ), was not a request to convene the conciliation committee made. This MoMiG experienced no changes, and as amended by the Law Committee, as the Bundestag on 26 June, decided in 2008, become law. This is - like Prof. Noack suspected in his blog - may already be the 1.11.2008.
This will also occur no more delays, which is pleasing given the length of the legislative process. At the same time are so numerous but also - significant - Was taken up proposals to the government draft, unfortunately. In the area of the former capital compensation law remain to coexist with many positive modifications, a number of inconsistencies. Further remains to be seen how will insert the new law in the European fundamental freedoms and the goal of acquisition of foreign companies may be thus achieved in practice.

Source: Press release the Federal

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