Wednesday, September 24, 2008

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special edition German Law Journal: Entrepreneurs Society (UG) vs Limited Liability

The German Law Journal published A special issue a series of interesting articles on the reform of the German GmbH law. The following publications are available online (pdf format):

especially the article by Dr. J. Schmidt contains a proper comparison between the new German business chief rival of the company and the recent GmbH , the English private company limited by shares. It identifies the basis of the main structures of the two societies, the improvements of the German GmbH law but also the continuing differences.
is rightly emphasized here that one of the main reasons for the current choice of English Ltd. in Germany - the low minimum capital requirement - Will disappear by the creation of the UG. Similarly, pointed out the disadvantages for shareholders and managers, which have resulted from the choice of English law form, despite the sole business in Germany so far. As a still existing differences between UG and Ltd.. Others will have to lead to the German requirement that deviates from the regular GmbH legal form noted, as the stricter German legislation of raising capital. Also, it was not yet succeeded with the MoMiG continue to speed up a Ltd. to achieve. It also addresses some interesting details, such as the still existing possibility of English law or a legal person as a "director" should be used.
could result in the UG, the "invasion" of the Ltd. Although not completely cancel, but was a very attractive rival.
A "must read" for any potential founder of a basement or Ltd.. in Germany.


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