Saturday, September 20, 2008

Women Playing With Them

notary costs MoMiG to the LLC and the UG (limited)

MoMiG This allows an easier incorporation of the GmbH and the entrepreneurial society (UG). , § 2 allows Abs.1a GmbHG the use of a legal standard record if the company more than three members and one manager has. This document will also participate as shareholders' list. The
memento Publisher In its overview of the Reform of Company once the notary costs identified after the reform:

In relation to the notary costs of certifying the model protocol to other GmbH-company contracts being given priority by the minimum business value of 25,000 €, which is otherwise a starting point for the calculation of costs, when using the standard record (not KostO § 41d-new) applies. This fall, the notary fees at a UG (limited liability) that uses the protocol to something lower than when using an individual partnership agreement. In a one-person UG (limited liability) with a capital of up to 1,000 € triggers the notarization of the model protocol, including the company registration application notary fees totaling € 20 from. The "classical" Ltd. with a minimum registered capital of 25.000 €, there is no savings. This fall at a one-person creation (stock capital € 25,000) € 126 in fees to (84 € for the authentication of the social contract and 42 € for registration), regardless of whether the model protocol is used, or an individual partnership agreement.

Source: The GmbH reform 2008 of the memento publishing (pdf format)


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