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Eagle Eye out of control - DVD

Eagle Eye - Out of control

Starring: ; Shia LaBeouf
                       Michelle Monaghan

Regie:               D.J. Caruso

Spieldauer:     113 minutes


The young American Jerry (Shia LaBeouf) and Rachel (Michelle Monaghan) are completely alien to each other. But their fates are linked. His twin brother and her child disappear without a trace, and suddenly they are forced to the middle of a terrorist network that prepared the assassination of a prominent politician. Your only chance to get out of the healing thing: to make good on a bad mine while they do reveal the background.
My view of things
Not only does this film has no single minute, no, he is still consistently fascinating. Suddenly everything seems to be controlled, even the lives of people. Where does the pressure of the people is so docile that goes from there? This question that has been quite a while. Only gradually crystallized out what's behind it all. And this solution is again extremely exciting and credible when you look at the trend nowadays look at Sun
So far I can and will say about Shia LaBeouf as an actor only positive. No matter what film I've seen with him, he knows how to convince most excellent time and again. Both can be carried as well by an almost monopolizing facial expressions and by that I mean not only his "puppy dog eyes" as he is often called. In fact, those eyes reflected the feeling that he should express his role as an actor and just do not really have this ability all of the actors.
The stunts inspired by the simple ingenuity. Here were not shown ludicrous unrealistic super performance, but dangerous situations that actually stay at any time credible and thought of as spectators but wishes never come to such a situation. Overall
say about this film is that I'll watch it more than once for sure and each can recommend without concern.


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