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Paganini's Sword: The Story of a Legend - Paperback

Paganini's Sword: The Story of a Legend - Paperback

Publisher: ; rororo
Paperback: 288 pages


Paganini came from humble origins, he became ill his life. An eccentric, which the people treated with aversion to the moment at which he took up the violin and took them to a frenzy. His playing has left such a monstrous idea that the "devil's fiddler" for decades been denied a church funeral. These musicians had on the people of his time an effect before fading pop stars of today.

My view of things

Rarely has fascinated me in such a biography. Not only that Paganini's life seems to be almost sprung a novel, with all its sad, exciting and curious facets, no, it is man himself has attracted me as a reader and banned.

time of his strange career is referred to this man as a "devil's fiddler", while it made him only a genetic change in his hands possible to accomplish the complex attacks on his instrument, and thus to develop a style of music at this time no one could imitate.

his reputation resulting from his end also designed very curious. But that's not enough if one has experienced only once, all of which was made after his death with his body, before this grand artist has finally found his well-earned rest, one can only shake his head and would actually prefer to immediately begin a novel about an equally fascinating character to write.

This book will feature drawings and contemporary documents, the ultimate book about the artist, people, and the phenomenon of Paganini.



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