Monday, February 7, 2011

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The Complete Calvin & Hobbes - in 3 volumes

The Complete Calvin & Hobbes - in 3 volumes

A dream! Who does not remember the 10 year long success story of the comic strip "Calvin & Hobbes," which we enjoyed in the evening paper and every time. Previously knew I only by the German volumes, which are therefore in my opinion, unfortunately, somewhat fragmented. But then I "The Complete Calvin and Hobbes" discovered in three volumes on Amazon. The only drawback - all in English. But when I say EVERYTHING, I mean all. And the original English edition weighs in again then. Because these three volumes are all truly voluminous short stories found around Calvin and his tiger fabric again. For this edition, you need x 13.3 x 28.6 that is not their own shelf, on the standard bookshelves, it fits with a size of 31.8. The English language is in this case is not an issue that was words of reassurance. With normal school English and maybe every now and then the use of a dictionary you can get by easily.

addition there is a whole chapter to the creator of these lovely stories, Bill Watterson. The three volumes are in a nice slipcase designed and bound in high-quality linen. The only drawback to this edition is very well thought out the slipcase itself, it takes some effort to extract a single band, as no engagement plate is available. But what the heck, then flips it to slip just a bit forward and can slide the heavy treasure in the greedy hands. About the weight I should perhaps also just a word. A big thank you to my mailman, who has in fact grappling honestly with the weight of that supply. When I receive a large package was surprised I was heavy. It was like a concrete block in my arms and the path to the 1st floor turned out to be not quite as easy as usual. Well, quality has its weight.

Now one last word on the price of the total work of art. It is completely appropriate. Compared to the German, incomplete outputs you get for your money here, a complete collection with additional specialties in high-quality presentation and it is even more favorable. So just take a look at Amazon and it itch in your fingers can.


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