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Do Porcelain Dishes Get Scratched By Flatware?

to Train Your Dragon - DVD

Dragon How to Train Your

Run Time: 94 minutes

Studio: Paramount Home Entertainment


On the small island Berk, high in the north, is shilly-lived. Strong murder Vikings must present their home protect wild dragons, which can make life a living hell. Even the lanky teenager Hicks, nicknamed "the giant" is on fire for the Dragon Hunt - but unfortunately he has in dealing with weapons of two left hands. Because his father is none other than Haudrauf "the Stoic," head of the tribe and a famous Viking Dragon Hunters, Hicks should learn on Dragon school now the harsh martial art of the Vikings. But before Hicks - who is an avid tinkerer and clever way - may take the dreaded teaching, their village is attacked by a wild dragon armada. Hicks is the big chance to defeat even a dragon and to save the honor of his father. With great courage and smarts, he is able to shoot a "nightshade", one of the most dangerous types of dragons. But instead of telling his father of his remarkable catch, Hicks became friends with the night shadows. It is the beginning of a friendship that is especially Hicks world upside down: a Viking who has a dragon for a friend? He violates the Vikings honor that goes to his father when thunder of Thor has everything ...

My view of things

I am an avowed animation and Zeichentrickfan and can say with enthusiasm. "This was one of the best films of this genre for a long time"
At the outset, the viewer is transported to a country which lies on the longitude of boredom and yet not at all boring.
Hicks developed within a few minutes to completely lovable hero of this story, the inhabitants of his village are slanted, but still somehow always believable and you just want more and more will follow his adventures. And "drawing" projects of this work beyond many other animated films. The partly clear forms are brought to life through hair-fine details. And by that I mean exactly what I say, Here you can really see every single hair. The facial expressions are well done and very realistic, yet still get the lovely touch of an animated cartoon. What is striking, especially the language fluency joke of this strip. Here the Poente sit on the point and drew from me as a viewer always a hearty laugh. I'm just dialect and parody of Hicks by Hicks's father. Simply divine!
I think everything you brought to this film not say more, I recommend simply: Watch!



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