Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Want To Watch A Man Masterbate

Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time DVD

Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time

Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal
; Gemma Aterton
; Alfred Molina
                    Ben Kingsley

Regie:            Mike Newell

Spieldauer:    111 Minuten


Many years after King Sharaman Dastan is adopted, a former street boy as Prince of Persia before its severest test. Alamut after the capture of the holy city Sharaman is poisoned, and Dastan accused of murder. Dastan remains only to escape with Alamut unruly but beautiful Princess Tamina, to expose the ruthless conspirators. She knows the secret of a conquered by Dastan dagger, which turned the clock back, and thus the world can be controlled.

My view of things

First you should probably run just remember that this film was modeled on a computer game and that a jump-and Runspieles. Which of course means something like that it contains a lot of action and fighting scenes. Now there were many critics, who hung just because the content and the joke would have been too short, because of the many escape and fight scenes. I want to say: "Of course the film was riddled with these scenes and that's good!"

my opinion was, however, both as entertainment content not too short, quite the opposite. From the first Minute I was selected as the audience under the spell of this magical world. Dastan, the young king Sharaman falls during one of his courageous actions in the marketplace and he adopted the boy out of hand. From then on, the film developed at a rapid pace, and only in very positive ways. Particularly striking for me was the fact that just in my eyes is not necessarily impressive Jack Gyllenhaal was here suddenly a very good figure. Not only physically, but just representational of its charisma ago. He fit in this role as the proverbial chalk and cheese.

addition Aterton Gemma came in the role of the princess Tamina, an actress who finally meets once not the standard beauty ideal of the Americans but actually looks cute, of course, but brings a fascinating character. I already put in the "battle of the Titans" set. The co-and counter-existence of these two characters gives the film just the right flavor.

is also spiced up the Disney strip by truly convincing experts in their field, Ben Kingsley, a man about whom you really hardly praise must lose and Alfred Molina, who as usual was a rather funny-evil role and in the end is absolutely adorable.

The Special Effects is outstanding, and never seem out of place, they paint the magical story perfectly.

was often criticized that this film does not make as impressive character, like Jack Sparrow brought forth from "Pirates of the Caribbean". But now, quite honestly, we really want to have any film from Disney a Jack Sparrow? I love Jack Sparrow in his uniqueness, but I do not want clones of him in every Disney movie. It would work force very quickly. Since mine is a new fun and perhaps more serious hero would prefer. I meet Jack in "Pirates of the Caribbean" again and I look forward to, but for a sequel would Dastan I also really nothing to say.



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